Things You Get to Know about When to Repair Your High End Watch Winder

When your high end watch winder stops turning, you might think about what causes it and how to repair it. Or else, you probably think about getting the new one. However, you can read this article to find some ways to repair your watch winder first.

When do you need to repair your watch winder? These signs can inform you whether your watch winder needs reparation.

It goes too slowly

Even though your best watch winder is guaranteed for years, its motor possibly gets old and worn-out. When it’s worn-out, the winder cushions are getting slower. As the user, you must be aware of this change. Also, make sure your watch is not too heavy for your old winder. If it is so, you need to upgrade your watch winder to a bigger one.

It makes noise

Most of the motors in high end watch winders produce almost no noisy sound. Nevertheless, you might find your motor winder starts to make louder noise, such as grinding or whirring sounds, after you constantly use it for a long period of time. It could sign that the motor of your watch winders is breaking.

It does not keep your watch charged

When you put your watch on the automatic watch winders, but your watch is not charged automatically after some time, it probably means that your watch winder is running down as the motor starts to move more slowly. You should be aware by checking the time on your watch whether it loses time or not.

Its cushions discontinue turning totally

When your cushions of winder discontinue moving, it shows that the motor inside your watch winder has been broken.  There are two possible circumstances of this problem.

First, you can still hear the mechanical rotating, but the cushions are not rotating. It probably happens because of the broken belt drive of the wristwatch winder. When it occurs, you just need to replace the belt drive which is easy and inexpensive.

Second, the motor does not work at all. When the motor does not turn at all, it means that the problem is on the entire motor itself. You can just replace the motor rather than change the whole winder.

Those are some signs that you should be aware regarding the possible problems emerging in your high end watch winder. You can directly consult the repair service in order to get the most appropriate reparation for your winder when it is possible.