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WFTL Bytes! for Nov 7, 2008 : Open source Obama, Redmond nightmares, cracked Androids, HP rolls one, and more.

This is WFTL Bytes!, your occasiodaily FOSS and Linux news show for Friday, November 7, 2008, with your host, Marcel Gagné. Today's stories include Obama, the open source president, what follows the death of Windows, an Android cracked, what keeps Microsoft up at night, and HP rolls its own . . . Linux, that is.

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For links to stories covered, click the 'read more' link below.

Links to stories covered in this newscast.

Obama: Open source president? :

If Windows is dead, what's next?

Jailbreak for an Android :

Root access to the Android :

Why Microsoft fears Linux :

SugarCRM wants to be the Linux of the CRM world :

HP eyes custom Linux for netbooks :

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Re: WFTL Bytes! for Nov 7, 2008 : Open source Obama, Redmond nig

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wftlrant OK

Clear, lucid and apropos. Dynamic, informative, compelling.

A new career yawns... Or dawns.. or yawns at dawn.

re: wftlrant OK

I think you are saying good things, so I've decided to accept your post as a compliment [ insert appropriate smiley here ].

-- Marcel

Hi Marcel, Great show (as

Hi Marcel,

Great show (as always)

I see you are feeling a little better, in your last broadcast you did not appear as "chirpy" as usual so I assume you were really suffering with the cold!

Full kudos to you for battling with cold and still giving us a show!

I also look forward to you doing an article on MS's Oslo (if indeed you are planning to) and I expect to see your press hats getting more festive as we approach Xmas!!!!

Kind regards

Re: SugarCRM

That was one of the stories I was considering for this newscast, but never got around to. Unfortunately, I left the link in place (and will continue to do so in case somebody is curious as to what else I was looking into). Thanks for the sharp eyes.
-- Marcel


You did not talk about SugarCRM - but the link was there on the link list - is that intentional?