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WFTL Bytes! for Nov 5, 2008 : elections, proprietary taxes, fighting the RIAA, ApacheCon, and Linux netbook sales.

This is WFTL Bytes!, your occasiodaily FOSS and Linux news show for Wednesday, November 5, 2008, with your host, Marcel Gagné. Today's stories include a new president for the United States of America, your tax dollars at work avoiding the benefits of FOSS, an open source election at OpenSUSE, a new legal challenge to the RIAA's anti-piracy campaign, and more good Linux news on the netbook front.

Download a local copy in Ogg/Theora, Flash For links to the stories covered, click the 'read more' link.

Links to the stories covered in today's newscast

Obama is president, in case you hadn't heard :

States letting FOSS pass them by :

OpenSUSE unveils its first elected board :

Harvard Professor challenges RIAA anti-piracy campaign :

Free ApacheCon Keynote video streaming :

Asus says 3 out of 10 systems are sold with Linux :

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Why the size difference?

Great show by the way. I have a stupid question. Why is this episode so much larger than the others? Were you experimenting with a new size or was it just an accident?

Some Terribly Critical Flaming Derogatory Critisim...Rant, rant

I couldn't help but snicker when I went to post my comment and the instructions said to click on the "post" button which was labeled "save".

Sorry, I couldn't stop myself. Bad Al, bad.


Doin' fine

Yes, I am too, but I am referring to the show. I was wondering if you might make a few comments about Mandriva 2009 that you said that you were using. Nothing real deep, just some anecdotal comments about how it is working out (or not) for you. I am a Linux USER and so am always interested in what works for people. I have used Mandriva (Mandrake) a lot over the years, but am not afraid to switch to Suse or Ubuntu or others when hardware and/or software issues make another distribution friendlier.

In a somewhat similar vein as an earlier comment, I was wondering what you are using to make your flash videos. Are you using Flash? I don't have any problem with people mixing there metric wrenches with their American wrenches. I just like to know what good tools are available.

And since I have drifted in the direction of tools, I would like to mention a quest that I have been on for a few months for a MathCad-like substitute. It's not a WFTL topic, but perhaps your "Cooking with Linux" might someday be interested in exploring a comparison of Maxima, wxMaxima, Texmacs and Sage. I haven't come to a conclusion yet.

Thanks again for excellent work.