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WFTL Bytes! for Oct 24, 2008 - CommandN, open DRM, Russian Schools, VC funding, and more

This is WFTL Bytes!, your occasiodaily FOSS and Linux news show for Friday, October 24, 2008, with your host, Marcel Gagné. Today's stories include a nod from those great people at CommandN, open source DRM, how to get VC funding for your open source project, FOSS in Russian schools, and the cost of creating Linux.

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For links to the stories covered in this episode, click the 'read more' link below.

Links to the stories covered in today's newscast.

CommandN episode 154 :
Open Source DRM :
Want VC Funding for your FOSS project :
Russian schools to use FOSS :
Is Linux worth 10 billions dollars? :
10 billion dollar whitepaper :

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Re: WFTL Bytes! for Oct 24, 2008 - CommandN, open DRM, Russian S

Open Source DRM? That's an oxymoron.


I think its funny that you were the pick of that pseudo canadian show when Amber couldnt tell you what Linux is if her life depended on it (and having latte at the Linux Cafe doesnt count). Yeah, yeah, we know,... you know her through the Leo association but I believe in a meritocracy, not who you know.

At least they dont have that annoying Mikey guy with that irritating voice but its still one of those dime a dozen general tech/gadget podcasts.
It defines mediocrity.

Worst link in quite some time.

The russian schools story is the best of this kind since the brazilian one. Its all fine and dandy if Luxembourg or San Marino decides to bring free software to their school systems but its quite another when big countries like Russia and Brazil do.

Not Dvorak

Despite giving your home page as a link to John Dvorak's 'uncensored' page, I'm guessing you aren't John Dvorak. Unless, of course, John has started hanging out at the Linux Cafe in Toronto, which seems unlikely. That said, I did click the link and John has some incredible photos of Saturn's moons posted. The most amazing links back to the Enceladus photo page on the Boston Globe site. Just incredible. Downright awe-inspiring stuff.
-- Marcel

FOSS in American Schools?

Hello Marcel,

Maybe we'll see much more FOSS in schools and colleges as the recession deepens and lengthens. After all, it costs money to keep up those MS and Mac licenses!


I think your wftlbytes show is great!! I watch it everyday that it's available. I wish you every success with it. Thanks for doing it.