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WFTL Bytes! Search for a cool intro

This is WFTL Bytes!, your occasiodaily FOSS and Linux news show for Friday, January 23, 2009, with your host, Marcel Gagné. This is episode 47. Sort of. This episode is a behind the scenes look at the challenges of creating WFTL Bytes! including the Search for a Cool Intro. Way back in 2008, right at the end of November, I put out a call on the WFTL-LUG mailing list to help me create a cool intro for WFTL Bytes! This video documents the challenges that led me there and the winning entry.

Congratulations to Patrick Elliott-Brennan, winner of the cool intro competition, and special kudos to Roger Stinson who sent me some cool music to use without me even asking for it.

Download a local copy in Ogg/Theora, AVI, Flash, iPod, or audio-only MP3.


Spinning around

I'd say better without the spinning box. Ditch coffee! pal, it's making you no good...

Re: WFTL Bytes! Search for a cool intro

Marcel, You really need to come out of your shell more, sometimes you just seem so reserved :o) or maybe it's just our cold Canadian climate that inhibits your ability to be animated when you speak.

Just kidding of course ... love the show and your humour, and congrats to Patrick and Roger for a job well-done.


Marcel, I stumbled across your site after reading about Theora and wanting to find a video using the codec. (Very nice quality, by the way!)

I'm a subscriber of Linux Journal and have always enjoyed your column. I had some great laughs watching this episode (nice hats!) and can't wait to download the rest of them.

Great work!

Nice! Final Video

Good way to solve an insurmountable problem. By the way, will the next post be on the history of the ending video?