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WFTL Bytes! for Mar 5, 2009

This is WFTL Bytes!, your occasiodaily FOSS and Linux news show for Thursday, March 5, 2009, with your host, Marcel Gagné. This is episode 53. On today's newscast . . . Helios goes mano-a-mano for being a Linux guy, car companies looking to Linux, netbooks again (it's been a while), bad support, Microsoft spreading FUD, FOSS people spreading FUD, and a Scale wrap-up.

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Links to stories covered in this newscast

Tempers flare as recession creeps into tech industry

Car makers collaborate on Linux for cars

Are retailers highjacking Linux for their own personal gains?

Open Source leaders speak out on Tom Tom case

Is Microsoft targeting Linux through Tom Tom? Oh please . . .

Scale 7x - One week later



Fighting mad over Linux

Hello Everyone

I know first hand what the poor bloke is going through. Every summer we used to have what I called the Silly Season. That is when the latest variants of malware would hit the Internet; perhaps created by bored high school students with too much time on their hands.

For about three years in a row, around late July, my friend Peter would call me up and say that his Windows computer was doing silly things and could I get rid of the virus? I did and I would insist on not charging, and he would insist on giving me a bottle of Drambuie.

Then one day I said "lets try Linux". And he did, and now he still calls me for help on how to do things, but he is never in a hopeless jam anymore.

And I have to buy my own booze now.

That is ok. He is happy, I am happy.

Cheers!!! and Slante and Lang mae our lums reek!!!


Cutting through the FAT

Gee Marcel, you dont believe in the regular sized Caramilk?
I didnt even know they made them three wide!!

- Helios lives in Texas right?
Lots of guns there... its lucky it was 'only' a fistfight because no one dukes it out anymore, most cowards prefer guns.
Big respect for all the work he does like Lindependence and this one with troubled youths.

- Car makers? They still exist in North America?
The important question is: will I be able to play my .ogg files in the car?

-Here in Canada, the retailers arent hijacking Linux for a good reason.
Go to Best Buy or Future Shop (owned by the same company) and you wull notice they sell these plans from 75 to 150$ where they will install anti-virus, adware and some other program to keep your Win computer safe.
Which do you think they push then? The cheap Linux netbook or the one where they can make 50% of the netbooks value in profit? Actually, the Linux netbooks have disappeared from those two chains as well as Staples/Bureau en Gros (as well as their web sites) even though they were always selling them out this fall and if you ever heard the sales staff in those stores, it wasnt even funny how they would bad mouth them.

- Jeremy Allison wrote something in the comments section of his blog about 10 days ago about the Microsoft lawsuit:
which Glyn Moody covered this week
as did SJVN:

I think its more important than a simple court case.

-Admiral Rear Enderle keeps coming back like a bad case of herpes (which I know is redundant since I dont think there are good cases of the herp). I thought he was reduced to paying to get his stories out, I guess there are still suckers impressed by his one man group.
He's like those nigerian scammers: people who dont know better might believe him while those who do know think he's funny/retarded.

Re: WFTL Bytes! for Mar 5, 2009

I am thinking that helios just likes attention. I have extreme doubts as to wheather this fist fight actually happened.

Oh I think that it did

Some folks get right uptight when you start talking about Linux. What they know about computers you can pour into a thimble, but they will tell you that Linux is no good, because a MCSE told them so.

The fact that Helios is active in giving away computers with Linux loaded is enough to set that guys short fuse off.