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WFTL Bytes! for Jan 13, 2009

This is WFTL Bytes!, your occasiodaily FOSS and Linux news show for Tuesday, January 13, 2009, with your host, Marcel Gagné. This is episode 44. Today we uncover some Vista trash, an ongoing battle between the forces of OO and Go-OO, Shuttleworth and Ubuntu get the New York treatment (Times, that is), Linux goes to CES, Fedora gets a moniker, and Twitter gets bashed.

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For links to the stories covered in this newscast, click the 'read more' link.

Links to the stories covered in this newscast.

Should we trash Vista or BadVista? vs. Go-OO

A Software Populist Who Doesn't Do Windows

Henry Kingman's take on the NY Times article above.

Linux is everywhere! At the CES. But you can't see it.

Fedora 11 gets its name

TwitterBash! Follow me.

Fun with users

In a more technical point of view, Microsoft has done a lot things the right way with Vista. In first place I use Linux or MacOS X but I like Vista in some kind. It looks and feels and behaves a lot better than XP. There are still things that are frustrating but it is a fork of proprietary software. What could you expect?

So it was a surprise to see windows users turn their backs on vista. They can't change their habits to get more security. They insist to use their old software with a new OS on their old hardware and expect that it runs as fast or even faster. And they forced Microsoft to alter Vista to something that's still Vista but behaves like XP.

I thought a little while about that and have come to a shocking conclusion. I don't want those users running unix / linux / bsd. Please let don't tell them about linux! Please! I don't want to click on a "start" button to shut things down! PLEASE! Let it be. Microsoft deserves the users they have.


Gotta say the Twitterbash is a really nice idea, i always liked the notion of learning something in small chucks at a time, without the pressure of having to keep reading on.

Re: WFTL Bytes! for Jan 13, 2009

300 is a good movie. Not for kids to be sure, and your wife probably (from my own unofficial word of mouth poll I did) won't like it, but I loved it.

Fun with design principles

On the other hand, some folks turned their back on Vista and *learned* Linux because they kept themselves informed on the decisions going into it, five years prior (then, Palladium and Longhorn). :)

There is an old design principle to be honored here: "If it's not broken, don't fix it."

Improve it? Sure. Fix the bugs? Absolutely. But when it comes to design concepts, some work /for/ their simplicity, and should be treated appropriately when upversioning.

Let's learn from these experiences and build a better OS, instead of upgrading by corporate mandate. After all, that's what free software is /all about/ -- improving our own lot, not just locking in for monetary benefit.


Wow! Thanks for the tip on TwitterBash. I'm always up for improving myself via 140 characters or less. :) btw, I enjoyed 300, but not to the degree that I went out and bought a copy.

Re: WFTL Bytes! for Jan 13, 2009

"Windows Populist" link is duplicate of the Go-OO link...thought you might want to fix.

I agree with most about 300; rent, do not buy, and watch it on big HD with anyone comfortable with the bloody battle scenes.

Trashing Vista

I am absolutely no love of any flavor of Windows. That said. I believe the best course of action is not to purchase it or ignoring it when it comes up to discussed in meeting rooms.

The quality of Linux and other modern *nix-like operating systems will replace Windows in those areas where it fails miserably.

Fun with new designs

I like to welcome everyone who switched to Linux / xBSD and start to learn new things. The nice thing is, you don't have to stop with learning, there's always a new thing.

There are a lot of new design concept in every Linux kernel release and a lot things that were thrown out. It's incredible: Most users don't notice it.

And there are things in the Windows forks up to XP that have to be thrown out. And there is still a lot in Vista. There are limits. Sometimes it makes more sense to restart on a sober base then to carry an incredible amount of garbage with you just to try to please customers. No one was forced to switch. If you have a regular copy of XP you can install it on your new computer. But please don't cry if MS doesn't bundle your outdated but beloved version with new hardware.

And even oss forces users to switch when ending the support of an old distribution. This is life.

That's why I'm a little bit afraid of those Windows users. Who neglect the simple fact that sometimes life takes a step. And there is progress all over sudden.

Fedora's next linux

Leonidas Linux ? Sounds like a stutterer; and may turn out to be NOT such a good name after all. But I'm sure they know more about these things than I and know what they are doing. No doubt the movie 300 has helped put Leonidas' name back in the public eye and they have that going for them.