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WFTL Bytes! for Feb 12, 2009

This is WFTL Bytes!, your occasiodaily FOSS and Linux news show for Thursday, February 12, 2009, with your host, Marcel Gagné. This is episode 51. On today's newscast . . . crappy economy gives rise to malicious insiders, healthy open source coders, a non-lethal snake bite, patent prior art, and a new Linux distribution that really is communist.

Download a local copy in Ogg/Theora, AVI, Flash, iPod, or audio-only MP3.

Links to the stories covered in this newscast.

Malicious insider attacks to rise

Open source projects to provide corporate benefits

Snakebite network readies for open source projects

Snakebite Website

India fights patents with huge prior art database

Cuba launches its own Linux variant


Marcel, I find it hilarious


I find it hilarious that Cuba's new Linux distro will be called "Nova." There was a time when Chevy had trouble selling their "Nova" cars in Mexico, because "no va" means "it doesn't work." Hmmmm.


I find ignorance even more hilarious

Margaret, stop spreading FUD.

Its an old myth:

How about FORD: "Found On Road Dead"

It took me 4 seconds on Google to find this info, maybe you should look into it to.
Its spelled G-o-o-g-l-e.


I had a general wondering, what program you used to encode your show? Because I personally like the way you encode for ipod, theora and avi. I try to use VLC but is kind of hard to encode the h264 for my ipod. Let me know please. Keep the good work coming.



re: Encode?

Hi Chris,

I'd love to take credit for the iPod encoding, but that happens automatically for me on -- I pay for a "pro" account which costs me a few dollars per month and I get my video converted to iPod format and that audio-only MP3 format as well. The Ogg/Theora is another story. I need to process that myself (no auto converters) but I use ffmpeg2theora to do the heaby lifting.

   ffmpeg2theora -p videobin wftlbytes030509.avi

That command gets me a wftlbytes030509.ogv Ogg/Theora video file. I then upload that one as an 'extra' format on

Thanks for asking, and thanks for watching.

-- Marcel


Marcel, I find it hilarious

I know the answer to the so called Nova problem

How can any car that does not have "Real Corinthian Leather" ever sell in the Spanish market, no matter what it is called.


No Va

John -

That's the spirit! Here I am in the capital of Silicon Valley and I've never seen a NoVa that actually worked well. In fact, a neighbor had one with a tuna sandwich built into the passenger door.