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WFTL Bytes! for Dec 29, 2008

This is WFTL Bytes!, your occasiodaily FOSS and Linux news show for Monday, December 29, 2008, with your host, Marcel Gagné. This is episode 41. In today's stories, we get to speculate about the coming year (that would be 2009) for Linux and FOSS, make lists of things we thought were pretty cool (or will be), and look back on where we went wrong, and reflect on just how pointless it is to make predictions.

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Links to stories covered in today's newscast.

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Thanks for the mention

Hey, Marcel --

Thanks for the mention of my predictions in your newscast, which was quite entertaining.

[Incidentally, is that a Wall Street behind you in the background?]

Larry Cafiero
Larry the Free Software Guy
"Gettin' 'er done for FOSS"

WFTL-Bytes for 12/29

Marcel, my learned friend! My hat (aluminum foil that it is) is off to you for your attempts to prognosticate what will happen in 2009.

The only thing that I can predict, is that I will probably not win the book you are offering to commenters! I hope that I am wrong however!!!

My Prediction: Easier Transition for Windows, OS X

You mentioned Wubi, but I am predicting that transitioning from Windows or OS X will get a lot easier and a lot smoother, thanks to things like Wubi and improvements in Wine. I don't think that 2009 will be the "year of the Linux desktop," but Linux will almost certainly gain many more users and it will definitely improve significantly (as it does every year.)

I also hope (but don't predict) that we will see more a focus on stability and bug-squashing. We will have to see,though.

My Prediction

Not to sour the current upbeat look forward I think we will see the end of two years that GNU/Linux seems to have been gaining in the desktop market.
First, Windows 7 will make it so that it becomes harder to convince people they really need GNU/Linux on their shiny new laptop.
Second, (less sure on this one)Dell dropping Ubuntu? Maybe I mean Lenovo dropped SUSE. Of course who knows maybe HP will pick up a GNU/Linux distro instead and upset this prediction.
Finally, 2009 could be the year that GNU/Linux takes off more but it will cause of a shift from Gnome to KDE on desktops.
Overall I think people by May of next year will be thinking that GNU/Linux has a tough fight ahead of it. I don't think it will falter I just think its not going to be easy going.

linux 2009 milestones

Linux desktop market share will increase 20% (from roughly 1% to roughly 1.2%).

LSB will fail to define a common standard for packaging. And if by some miracle they manage to achieve this, the distros will continue to go their own diverse ways.

The public image that Linux = chaos will persist.


just got an ipod and saw you offer a downloadable version, thanks!

2009 Predictions

I have to say that given the state of the economy, more and more small to medium-sized businesses will be looking to reduce expenditures, especially in areas currently monopolized by Windows products. I would predict an increase in the business-oriented use of FOSS such as Open Office and ERP applications.

Happy New Year !!

2009 Linux predictions

I predict my wife will be using Ubuntu to surf the internet after getting infected with a virus from visiting a wine website. This in spite of the fact that she had updated anti virus software.
I also predict that linux video editing software will still suck.
Finally not a prediction but a wish. If there is some ambitious developer out there who would like to tackle the video editing issue take a look at what Adobe Premiere Elements does and see if you can replicate those features. Do that and you will have a winner.

Love the show!

I enjoy the show. My prediction for FOSS in 2009 is that my wife will finally let me put PC-BSD or Linux on our home computer since it does everything that she does anyways!

Re: WFTL Bytes! for Dec 29, 2008

The Theora file is actually the December 19th show.

Your Show

I always look forward to your "WFTL Bytes"show. I almost always learn something new. The things I learn about from you often prompt me to do some additional surfing on one or more of the topics you've picked for the day. Thanks for adding to my Linux education!

Your Predictions

Marcel, Happy New Year. About your predictions, Vi over EMACS is such the obvious choice, does that qualify as a prediction? Here in my own little corner of the world, I have a "Mug of Vi" coffee cup, not some EMACS thing. My choice was clear long, long ago. ;)


2009 Prediction

Hi Everyone

Happy New Year

I predict that flash memory will sell for under $2.50 a gigabyte by the end of
2009 (not just on sale, that will be the average price).

Flash memory drives will start to replace hard drives on desktop models. -- that is a long shot.

All the best to everyone in the new year. -- that is a prediction that I hope comes true.

John Kerr

One more prediction


Kodak and or Fuji will announce the year that they will phase out colour film.



Just correcting a typo...

You mentioned the emacs-vi argument that lives on. You said that vi was the clear winner. I know you meant emacs and simply misspoke. That's ok, it happens to the best of us.