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WFTL Bytes! for Dec 1, 2008

This is WFTL Bytes!, your occasiodaily FOSS and Linux news show for Monday, December 1, 2008, with your host, Marcel Gagné. Today's stories include a list of what's wrong with Linux (and how to fix it), a kinder, gentler, more open, Microsoft, a kinder, more open, Atheros, Linux on the iPhone, Intel didn't know netbooks would go like this, and more.

Download a local copy in Ogg/Theora, AVI, iPod, Flash, or audio-only MP3.

For links to stories covered in today's newscast, click the 'read more' link.

Links to stories covered in today's newscast.

Microsoft cuddles up to open source

Fixing Linux

Atheros opens up

Intel rethinks netbooks

Linux on the iPhone


Re: WFTL Bytes! for Dec 1, 2008

Hi - great show. Just found it tonight. Thanks for making it available in Ogg Theora for us on Linux systems. I added a link to WFTL Bytes on the Xiph Wiki to promote your show, too. Looking forward to your watching your future episodes.

Intel & Atom

That isn't surprising. Isn't it? It cuts their average sales price deeply. It was planed to sell the atom in mobile internet devices that doesn't compete with laptops. And now people buy netbooks like crazy instead of laptops. That was not indented. Hey, buy the high priced Cores and Pentiums and Celerons! There are even shameless vendors who sell the dual core Atom 330 build into a midi tower enclosure. Shuttle does the Atom. And I even found one provider that promotes Atom based root server (ok that might make sense).

No wonder Intel communicates that Atom based things are for kids. The message is: Real man buy Core7i!

BTW: You should have wondered why there aren't any Atom 330 based products on prominent display as the hardware is widely available since Sep 2008?

re: Xiph Wiki

Hey there, Anonymous.

Thanks for the kind words. Glad you enjoy the show. I'm thrilled to be offering the show in Ogg/Theora format. Given that I pretty much live and breathe Linux and FOSS, providing Ogg/Theora just makes sense, even if I didn't do it from day one. [ insert appropriate smiley here ]

Thanks also for the promo on the Xiph Wiki. Any and all blogs, posts, and links to WFTL Bytes! are greatly appreciated.

-- Marcel

Re: re: Xiph Wiki

You are most welcome! Glad to help a great show.

I hope you will consider replacing Flash Player on your web page with the new HTML5 "video" tag, with your Theora files on

Firefox 3.1, due out at the end of next month, will have a this playback built into the browser, so your visitors watching on the website will not need to install Adobe's software (and agree to their licensing terms and distribution restrictions). Opera's next browser version will also have this capability, too!